Comprehensive Procedural Management for Clinic Workplaces of All Specialisations

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MediFlow is a well-proven system serving to a number of providers of outpatient health care. It facilitates modelling of internal medical as well as other processes in the network of doctors and healthcare facilities and ensures a centralised approach. Besides the sureness of compliance with legislative requirements and fulfilment of demands of health insurance companies, it provides doctors and managerial staff also with a large volume of various information, including assessment of performance data or comprehensive reports comparing outputs in individual specialisations. Fulfilment of the eHealth (electronic prescriptions and electronic sick notes) and EET (electronic records of sales) conditions is a matter-of-course, and so are all acts associated with the accounting of cash or cashless and card-based payments.

MediFlow is built upon Internet technologies and it is possible to operate it in the environment of the indoor communication infrastructure of the company or to access thereto through the Internet. It is only an Internet browser that is required on the system user’s part.

The development of the system has been implemented with participation of doctors, experts and managers from the healthcare sector since the very beginning. And it is also one of the reasons for which MediFlow is currently the most sophisticated system for outpatient health care in Europe.



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